Backbone: A BodyMind Breakthrough by Lauri Mattenson.

Backbone is an inspiring bodymind journey into Krav Maga, the face-to-face combat technique taught in the Israeli military, from UCLA Writing Programs Lecturer Lauri Mattenson. Ready for a new future and weary of her old habits, Mattenson signed up unsure: would the practice of punching and kicking inspire a more resilient mind? How could she use her body to retrain the brain and awaken a fighting spirit? Can we change our nature by changing our behavior?

Backbone is truly about empowerment. It begins when one woman abandons her comfort zone in order to learn the most effective way to defend herself from a violent assault. The training she experiences replicates a real street-fight.

"I love this book because Lauri’s Krav Maga journey empowers her in ways she never could have imagined. It's about all the unanticipated benefits a woman gleans from taking a chance—a risk—and how she develops physically, mentally, and spiritually as a result. Sometimes you take a journey in life you never expect to take. Read this book, and you might be inspired to take a chance and do something you never thought you could do." —Darren R. Levine, Chief Instructor, Krav Maga Worldwide, Inc.

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